Welcome to My Remodeling Cost


My Remodeling cost is one of the many web properties belonging to Vita Marketing Group, LLC and is the Sister Site to myremodelingcosts.com. My remodeling costs.com is where home owners are educated about their own remodeling projects and how to find reputable contractors.  This site is where those home owners will be directed to find the contractor or home service provider for their projects.

My Remodeling Cost is a site dedicated to providing economical advertising for contractors or service providers looking to build their online presence. This site is a directory that lists local businesses that offer services specifically for the home or office. There are may also be a few other type of business on this directory that offer some professional services such as printing, insurance and accounting. After all if you own a home or a business you will at some point need these services as well.

We also encourage the businesses listed on this site to use this site to network with other businesses. Networking can be a very economical way of getting business. For example if you offer a service that you know another business might need you should make sure to let them know. Invite that business to your website, Face Book page, join your Linked In network etc. If you don’t have a Linked in Profile I strongly suggest you have one especially if you own a business.

If you are a contractor or service provider and you are ready to start building your on line presence or wish to increase it click here. If you would like to see other types of economical marketing products for your business click here.

Home owners do not have to fill out any forms before they can view the contractors for their projects, nor do advertisers pay per lead they will receive from this site.  However, home owners will have the ability to contact any advertiser on this site directly & even send pertinent information about their projects to them.

My Remodeling Cost hopes to bridge the gap between home owners & quality service providers.